Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Inspired by the recent controversy surrounding the ever controversial shock jock Alan Jones, here's my addition to the fray: The Talking Dead. For those unaware of the backstory, Alan Jones (a staunch Liberal supporter) told a private conference of young Liberals that Prime Minister Julia Gillard's father who passed away recently from cancer, "died of shame' from how she's been leading the country and her politics. Thankfully a journalist who was at the conference had the aptitude to record proceedings on his phone and it was reported in the newspapers shortly after.
A hastily called public apology was then given by Alan Jones and 2GB, which turned out to not really be an apology at all, and more of the same regular mouthing off by mr Jones about the Gallipoli where he compared himself to a digger in the trenches, the Carbon Tax, Labor, and anything else he could think of.
Obviously the man is a wise and considered voice of the nation!
Backlash was extreme, and several petitions have sprung up to hassle the advertisers during Alan Jones' breakfast show and calling for boycotts of their products and services. They listened.
At time of writing, all advertising was pulled, AJ lost his free Mercedes Benz, along with other lucrative deals, as advertising companies didn't want to be associated with the politics.

Chances are good that they'll creep back and advertise on 2GB and AJ's breakfast show under other guises, but for now, the public outcry has been heard- people just aren't putting up with his hate mongering crap any more.
More about it here, and here.

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