Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SA Premier's Reading Challenge Poster Comp.

Designed for the 2013 SA Premier's Reading Challenge the brief was to create a poster that reflected the theme 'Discover the world of Reading', taking into account new technologies such as ebooks and apps that are now associated with reading. The key message for the piece was that reading opens doors to life opportunities such as excitement, sport, travel and knowledge.
I chose to show how reading a good story, regardless of the medium, can truly spark the imagination inside all of us and create wondrous experiences that can inspire us in real life.
The design is one of three commissioned from different illustrators for the competition which sees all students from across the state able to vote on which illustration they would like to see used in all PRC promotions the following year.

Voting has closed and the winning poster illustration will be announced some time in November.
Stay tuned...

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