Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here are the various stages of the final art for Grotesque Love.
From the black and white linework through to full colour.
I start with blocking the shapes, all in their own layers in their own named folders so I know what's where. So the Stonework, girl, guy and background are all in separate folders. Each new effect and glow or underlighting etc is created in a new layer within those folders. I end up with about 50 or 60 more layers with this image. Sounds like a lot but it's incredibly useful when I change my mind about how I want a colour scheme to change with a certain effect and it can really save time.
The downside is I end up working with a 300mb file that can take a while to save.
Some of the covers for the Week magazine that I do end up being 450mb+.
Super fun when it comes to deadline time, and my computer starts to sloooowww down in processing.

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