Thursday, April 28, 2011


Uncle Silas: Genetis is finally available to buy as a downloadable graphic novel from Dark Horse Digital!
Simply click the link and create an account, or download the Dark Horse Comics app from iTunes and then buy the book. For Australian readers it's $3.99.

I haven't seen it yet on an iPad, but considering how good it looks on my iPhone I'm sure it looks even better. I found the best way to read the pages were up close and rotating the iPhone to a landscape format. The navigation controls are super simple to use which is a huge bonus.
A welcome surprise was discovering the various 'reveals' as the panels popped up. Some of the panels read so well in this medium.
DH are also offering a HUGE range of free comics to tempt the curious so what are you waiting for? Check it out already!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here are the various stages of the final art for Grotesque Love.
From the black and white linework through to full colour.
I start with blocking the shapes, all in their own layers in their own named folders so I know what's where. So the Stonework, girl, guy and background are all in separate folders. Each new effect and glow or underlighting etc is created in a new layer within those folders. I end up with about 50 or 60 more layers with this image. Sounds like a lot but it's incredibly useful when I change my mind about how I want a colour scheme to change with a certain effect and it can really save time.
The downside is I end up working with a 300mb file that can take a while to save.
Some of the covers for the Week magazine that I do end up being 450mb+.
Super fun when it comes to deadline time, and my computer starts to sloooowww down in processing.


Every year Peter from Pulp Fiction Comics organizes INSTANTANEOUS (this year marks number 7) a charity auction of original comic art at the Grace Emily Hotel here in Adelaide.
A fantastic event, and so far these auctions have raised over $20,000!
Feeling at a loss for what to do, but not feeling like drawing up Uncle Silas characters (and time consuming foliage in particular!) I scribbled some ideas and eventually came up with this one: Grotesque Love.
Grotesques are carvings in stone of characters and monsters that don't have any other function apart from cosmetic. You'll see them on old churches, gothic buildings etc. They're distinct from Gargoyles in that Gargoyles have a function: to act as drainpipes ejecting rain water run off.
Obviously, 'Gargoyle Love' didn't have the double entendre as the title I chose, which is boosted by having the torch burning crowds in the streets shooting arrows and wielding hay forks. They see this romance as being a bit unseemly and works as a nice twist to the 50s and 60s romance comics by Jack Kirby et al.
The artwork for sale at the May 17th Auction is the black and white linework. Opening night of the exhibition is May 3rd 6pm- should be a fantastic night, and the auctions are great fun.
Come along!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Finally I can talk about these!
I helped design the Cadbury's rabbit that's now blazened everywhere on supermarket shelves in the lead up to Easter. I pencilled up the rabbit in various poses with all sorts of kit, and Phill, my partner in crime then rendered them up in Photoshop.
Great fun and wonderful to finally see the end result on the shelves after such a long process.


Here's another Week cover from a couple of weeks ago highlighting the Libyan situation, and a second cover about the political scene after the NSW state election.