Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The annual UK Eagle Awards for comic books and graphic novels are now open for voting, so now's your chance to support Uncle Silas: Genetis!
I've submitted into these categories below to save you the hassle of looking for my name every time:

Favourite Newcomer Artist: David Follett
Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork: David Follett
Favourite Writer/Artist: David Follett
Favourite Artist: Inks: David Follett
Favourite Colourist: David Follett
Favourite 2010 Cover: Uncle Silas: Genetis
Favourite 2010 Original Graphic Novel: Uncle Silas: Genetis

 Please vote!
Every vote counts as this is a numbers game, and it would be amazing to even get into the nomination rounds for any one of these categories.
Thanks in advance!

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