Saturday, May 15, 2010


WHERE THE BIRDIES IS by talented UK illustrator Michael Renouf arrived in my letterbox last week and I love it.
MR of his Non-Stick Plans blog posts fantastic little visual puns on all manner of things, for which he titles with very clever portmanteaus, puns, single/double and yes, even triple entendres.
Being rather enamored of a good pun, I eagerly await his next installments with 'girlish anticipation' which I keep close to me in a jar on my desk for such special occasions.
I'd never bought from before but I'm won over- fast delivery, quality packaging meant the book arrived safe and sound and the digital printing is pretty damn high!

MR's currently working on a larger volume of his vast collection of other 'puntoons' and I'll be cracking open the girly jar for that one too!

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